What are Free Forms/ Flames?

A freeform is a crystal that is carved typically in an irregular rounded shape, sometimes if a stone grows a particular way or requires a specific type of cut/polish they will appear more flat, like labradorite for example. Freeforms come in all sizes and each one is unique and highlights the natural beauty of any stone.

A flame is similar to a freeform but they taper off at the top and they resemble the organic movement of a flame. Flames can be more simplistic and geometric in style as well.


  • Statement pieces to decorate your home.

  • Meditate in front of a freeform or place it on your altar or in your sacred space. Labradorite would be especially useful in these spaces to activate the third eye and heighten intuition.

  • Depending on the material, use a freeform for crystal gazing.

  • Some people like to place their hands on freeforms to reset, charge, or cleanse their energy.

  • Use as paper weights or bookends.