What are Crystal Palms?

Palms are small palm sized crystal/minerals meant to be carried in your hand, pocket, bra, or really any where on your person. They are meant to be kept with you on your day to day to bring in the vibrational frequency you stone of choice carries. 

There are many types of palm stones: thumb stones, worry stones, gallets, palm stones, and touch stones. They each have specific features, but sometimes in the market the names can be interchanged.

Thumb/worry stones are smaller in size and sometimes have an indent on one side to place your thumb. Palm stones are equal in size and proportion. They can be circular or oval shaped and small enough to fit in the average hand size. Gallets are bigger in size, they are usually more circular and chunky because they stay true to the nature of the material when it was found and less is carved away. Finally, touch stones are extra large palm stones, sometimes almost like a freeform. 


  • Palm stones are perfect to hold during meditation due to their size.

  • Fidgeting device. Palm stones provide you with something to keep your hands busy or help you to focus and stay grounded. 

  • Keep one in your pocket or bag. 

  • If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, palm stones are incredibly comforting to hold while you fall asleep. You can also place a palm stone under or inside your pillow if you don’t want to hold it. Specific types of stones can aid us in sleep, lucid dreaming, and dream recall such as amethyst and dream amethyst.