Moonstone Tumble

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  • Elements: Water, Wind
  • Chakras: Third Eye and Crown
  • Zodiacs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio 
  • Planets: Moon

If you are feeling disconnected from your feminine side, moonstone is said to bring your masculine and feminine energies back into balance. If you are struggling to find time to practice some much-needed self-care, then perhaps moonstone can help you find the care and patience you need to bring some nourishment back into your life. Moonstone is a stone of love, fertility, creativity, intuition, magic, protection, hope, and spiritual purity. It calms and encourages as it moves us to flow with the natural rhythms of life, opens the heart to empathy, and assists in the acceptance of love. It increases ones sensitivity to the Feminine Divine to heighten intuition, and to open us up to our psychic gifts. Moonstone is associated with the moon, the tides, femininity, and the subconscious. It helps sync the rhythms of lunar energy to the rhythms of a woman’s body. Moonstone helps men become more in-tune with the feminine aspects of their nature. It stimulates the right side of the brain to encourage nonlinear thinking and emotional balance. It encourages hope and inspiration to allow us to wish, aspire, and flow in harmony with our dreams and offers protection for women and children, especially pregnant women and babies. This is a great stone to bring out at the start of any new endeavor, new relationship, or a new pregnancy. It has been used for centuries to enhance fertility and is believed to support women's reproductive health all around, from easing menstrual problems to soothing fluctuating hormones and assisting a woman in childbirth.

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