Pyrite Specimen Cube

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  • Element: Earth
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus
  • Planets: Mars, Sun
  • Zodiacs: Leo

Pyrite is known as fools gold and known in the spiritual community to help attract money and coin but it also one of the strongest crystals for determination. Recently it has been found that it not just fools gold but properties of real gold are found in pyrite. It’s energy directly resonate with the solar plexus chakra that activates your personal will. This energy holds the key to accomplishing our goals and staying focused on the task at hand. Pyrite will keep you on track until your objectives have been attained. This mineral is a very powerful tool when it comes to manifestation. Meditating with a piece of Pyrite, or carrying around a stone daily can have a dramatic effect on your life. Meditating with Pyrite helps activate its powers which then transfer directly to you. We always recommend saying out loud what it is that you want in your life. From that point forward cultivate those thoughts and ideas into a tangible product. Just hearing yourself say what you want can remind you that it is in fact achievable. Keeping a piece of pyrite in your wallet or purse can help cultivate and keep wealth. 

This listing is for one specimen formed cube. Not all specimen will look the same as it is a naturally formed work of art.