Turquoise Elephant

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Elements: Water

Chakras: Throat, Heart

Planets: Jupiter

Zodiacs: Sagittarius 

Turquoise is a popular crystal known for its metaphysical properties, often associated with healing and protection. Here are some of its metaphysical properties:

Turquoise is believed to offer protection from negative energies and harmful influences, making it a valuable stone for spiritual and personal protection.

This crystal is thought to enhance communication and self-expression. It can assist in clear, honest, and open communication with others.

Turquoise is linked to physical and emotional healing. It's said to help alleviate stress, aid in detoxification, and promote overall well-being.Turquoise is associated with balancing emotions and promoting a sense of inner peace. It can help restore harmony in one's life.

Some believe that turquoise can stimulate creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.

Use with:

Amethyst: To enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
Rose Quartz: For emotional healing and attracting love and compassion.
Citrine: To boost abundance, creativity, and motivation.
Clear Quartz: For amplifying the energy of turquoise and other crystals, as it acts as an energy enhancer.
Black Tourmaline: For added protection against negative energies.